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Leilani Hana-Marie McKee
Wednesday, November 3, 2004
The First Entry. Welcome to my daughter's page!
Mood:  silly
Topic: Announcements
This is the first entry on Leilani's "blog" (whatever that means). I'm treating this as an online journal to show her progress to people who are out of state or do not get to see her very much. Really, it's a bragging website.
She turned 12 weeks last Sunday. And at three months of age, she can do many things that alot of her peers haven't learned yet (although still less than some of her peers, but that is how those things go).
She can hold her head very steady, and did a pretty good job from birth.
She can stand up on her own two feet if you help her keep her balance. She has been doing this since about 6 weeks, which was when I first tried to do it. My mom's friend Mara said she was built like a rock (not all floppy like alot of infants).
She has recently learned how to suck her thumb, which is really cute to watch and a relief to the infant who needs consoling. She can now comfort herself when she is really upset, and sometimes I wonder if she needs me for anything more than eatting, burping, changing diapers, and carrying her around when she's sucking her thumb.
She has been sleeping through the night. She is what they call a "sleeper". Which means, as I've noticed, that she'll sleep until she pees so much her diaper leaks, except for the occasional lazy hunger half-awake states. If I let her, she'd probably sleep the whole day away and wake up around 2 in the afternoon after going to sleep around 10. But, really, who'd want to let her sleep? We want to play with her, and I'm afraid she'd never go to sleep in the evenings.
She has learned how to smile, and does it quite well. You can check out a picture of it at her photo album. She hasn't gotten the hang on laughter yet, but her silent laughing is cute enough.
She loves to look at herself in the mirror, and will stare at herself at great length. Sometimes she even smiles at this mysterious baby who hides in the hallway (our hallway is lined with mirrors). She loves to stick her feet our to this baby, but the baby is cold and seems to have very flat feet. She seems to have learned, also, that the back of the car and her carseat aren't as scarry as she originally thought, especially with those cool pictures on the back of the seat she gets to look at.
She enjoys hanging out on her stomach, but only for a couple of minutes. She can lift her head up about 45 degrees most of the time. We are still working on her crawling skills.
She loves to talk and makes all kinds of sounds. Sometimes she'll talk to you without opening her mouth, which sounds pretty funny. She's also very patient and will talk to you about how much she hates something before she starts crying. Sometimes she even tries to tell me she's hungry (without using her hand signals) and then gets frustrated becuase I can't understand her, cries then uses her hands again.
I think that might bring us up to date on what she can do. I'll continue to try and post as I'm able to and new things pop up. Thanks for visiting! :)

Posted by bloftus82 at 1:36 PM MST
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