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JeiGru Renshot  Goblin Whelp.
10 years old. Orphan.
Weapon of choice: two handed sword, florentine, bow and arrow.

Raised in a small cave, she lived an uneventful life until human slave traders came into her home killing her parents and taking her to be a slave. Her last memory of her parents was watching their heads swing from a pole on a wagon in the wagon train of the slave traders. As they traveled across country, heading to sell their new merchandise, the caravan was attacked by Wa'SaD qa'. He took in the young goblin girl, whom she began to think of as a father figure though he seem not to notice her more often than not. She loves the battle, though she is young, she has not yet learned how to be afraid in the midst of combat. She still has much to learn in fighting, and in life.

JeiGru Renshot
Picture pre-battle, while we were making costumes (March 1,2003)

What is Dagorhir? (pronouced "dagger-here")
Dagorhir is medeival weapons fighting and roleplaying. We make our own costumes, and weapons out of piping and foam and cloth coverings. We also create our own characters. Many of the races are drawn from Tolkien ideas, but I have run across many races in my short experience with the sport. But I have also met many people very committed to the sport, and very good on the battle field. There are veteran and novice alike, all fighting together, and occasionally a novice will beat a veteran (grins, remembering beating a veteran after six people fell to his weapon). It is alot of fun, especially when the roleplaying aspect is active during the battles. My friends are very much involved in their tribe, talking like Orcs and acting as their characters would act. The roleplaying people make the game that much more fun for everyone.
We have particular kinds of battles, such as team battles, Cutthroat (no teams, every one for themselves), Diety battles (where there is a god and an avatar, who can heal the wounded, ressurect the dead, and the point is to kill the other side's god), the Meat Grinder (two lines facing each other, the first person in each line battles each other until one dies, then the next person comes to attack the winner and the dead person runs to the end of the other line), among other things. The battles don't often last long, maybe five minutes to twenty minutes depending on how well something is guarded, or how good the battle plans are, etc. But, the events and practices will go on for many hours until it gets dark or everyone is too tired and/or hungry to carry on. It is much fun!

What's New?

Web Links for Dagorhir:
Da Jhur Gah's Website: The Local Chapter (Clan) I am a part of

This tribe I belong to has many of my real life friends in it. Many of whom you can find in pictures on my photos webpage.

Corey, my boyfriend, is Wa'SaD qa', JeiGru's parent figure. He is an orc spirit caller, and often starts channelling spirits midbattle. Which, as you can imagine, is quite disconcerting to the young JeiGru. She, however, is unphased at the oddness of him, and follows him and the rest around wherever she can. Mat, another of my good friends, is Soong Toi'Wei and the leader of our tribe. He is the War Priest of Grummsh. Koobak Gna' is my friend Thomas, who's picture is not yet on my website, and he is the Orc Tactitian of the group. My ex-boyfriend, Johan, is Chot Vat'h a theif and archer. My other friend Will, whom I doubt has a picture on my website either, is Dathas the Corpselord/Knight of Death.

This is my little group. We had a couple of new additions to our group, converts if you will, on 3/2/03, but they have yet been added to the webpage, so I lack better information on them. They are good fighters though.