Guild Application Process

Steps to joining the guild
1) If you are here, then you were directed here either by a guild member, guild leader or officer, or you arrived here following a link from another webpage. Welcome! And thank you for your interest in joining our guild. It wouldn't hurt to look around the website for a while, finding out more what we are about. The best source is the Guild Charter. You are required to read this if you want to join the guild!

2) After you have read the charter, and you feel you agree with what it lays out, then you must email the guild leaders at the address provided in the charter. This is a special address used for new guild applications. It is not the official guild leader contact address! Please do not use it to contact us unless it involves your new application. On the other side of that, do not use our official address to contact us on your guild application. We will review it and contact you. It will not take longer than a week. If it has, you should contact us again. More than likely, we will get back to you on the application within a couple of days.

3) Keep in mind this guild is just starting out. The highest member of the guild is Quazie Eros at 44 (as of the end of January 2003). Mostly, we have been inviting the lower levels, and midrange levels. We are open to help all "noobies", and will even invite those of level 1 if you are interested in joining and agree to follow the rules of the guild. Having said that, characters will progress at different speeds, so who knows when we will have many high levels in the guild. We are hoping that it won't take but a few months to have enough people of higher levels to begin doing raids. At that point, we will encourage higher levels to be joining, although anyone is welcome to join! Always! We welcome all newcomers to our guild!

4) Once your application has been reviewed, we will send you an email letting you know. We will then set up a meeting time to bring you into the guild. If we see you in game before you have gotten the approval email, we will be more than willing to invite you - PROVIDED THAT we are not busy. Please respect those higher levels in the guild when they tell you they are busy. I have often found myself in a zone that was difficult to get into. Having said that, I will not drop everything to come to you. Neither Quazie nor Kuaka can port anywhere or bind themselves. Also, consider that if you were finally getting to level, you only have one more blue bubble to go ... and someone wants to you drop everything to run halfway across the continent (or to another one), would you do it? If it meant almost certain death trying to run out, or worse, to get back to your group? Didn't think so. So please respect your guild leaders, and our higher level sponsors, if they tell you they are busy and can't help you yet. We will get to you when we can.

Steps to becoming a guild officer
1) First of all, there are special requirements to becoming an officer. Not everyone can just do it! You must be of a certain level. See this page for minimum requirements by class. If you are of the required level, read on.

2) You must have been in the guild for at least a month. This does not mean you joined and haven't logged on in a month. You must have been playing for a month. We want to be aware of who you are. We want to see you participating in guild chats, helping out the new members and the general noobs, and participating in guild groups and leveling. In other words, we want to know who you are! We want to know that you are especially commited to our charter. And you are commited to this guild, to anti-pk, and most of all to Role Playing!

3) You must have grouped with the guild leaders for a minimum of two hours of leveling. We really want to get to know you. Know your grouping style. See how you work. Get to know your character and how you play him or her.

4) You must also have completed the special officer quests. At least one of them. This proves to us your commitment to being a Guild Officer. We will not make just anyone an officer!

5) Contact us and let us know your intentions. We want to know that you are interested in becoming an officer. If you haven't passed any or all of these requirements, we will at least know that you are interested and pay more special attention to you and getting to know who you are. Do not be offended if you do not pass the requirements. It means that you must either try harder to live up to the charter, work on your roleplaying more, or that we do not know you well enough yet.

Thank you for your interest!